How to Muck Out a Stall

A clean stall is very important to the health and happiness of a horse. When a horse stays in a dirty stall, health issues are likely to arise like thrush, a bacterial infection in the hoof, lung infections from bacteria in the air and skin infections. Mucking out a stall daily prevents these issues and ensures… Read more »

AquaCiser Training

One of the most unique features of the Stonestreet Training Center is the AquaCiser; only two others exist in North America. The Australian built AquaCiser’s creation was born from having limited access to beaches or lakes to exercise horses. With its warm weather, it is perfectly suited for use in Ocala. The pool’s circumference is… Read more »

Racetrack Training

Conditioning a thoroughbred racehorse is a seven-day a week, three hundred and sixty five day a year job. There are many different ways to build and maintain fitness including going for a hack in the field, walking in the shedrow, or heading out to the track. If you have visited a training center or racetrack… Read more »

Hoof Maintenance: Picking out Hooves

The anatomy of a horse’s hoof can be broken down into three separate parts; the heel, quarter, and toe. The amount of blood flow and degree of sensitivity increases from the outside of the hoof inwards. The outermost exterior of the hoof is called the “wall”and can be compared to a human fingernail. It is… Read more »

Planting for Spring

As we reach November, preparations begin for the cold winter ahead in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky. Expectations of dropping temperatures and frost mean our landscape team is gearing up to protect and maintain the health of the farm’s current flora and fauna, as well as plan for new life next Spring. Our Head Gardener… Read more »

Track Renovation

The surface that thoroughbred horses train on is very important; at the Stonestreet Training Center in Ocala, Florida, trainer Ian Brennan keeps a close eye on all aspects of the track’s health including its depth, grade and the percentage of dirt versus clay. Continuous maintenance is vital to the safety and successful training of the… Read more »

Fence Maintenance

Plank fences are one of the most iconic features of our Bluegrass landscape. These traditional wood fences protect our horses with strong, bold and easy-to-see barriers. Double fences on the perimeters provide extra protection against automobile crashes, downed trees, and other events that could compromise the safety of our horses as well. Caring for the… Read more »

Race Times

Finish times are an important part of the sport of horse racing, though it is not only speed, but also how that speed is used across various distances and surfaces that provides a real picture of the race. Within a race, various measures of time indicate whether a horse was slowing down, or kicking into… Read more »

Fly Masks

The rising temperatures and longer days of spring and summer signal fly mask season at Stonestreet. Fly masks may look like blindfolds, but mares can see through them, you might think of it as similar to looking through a screen door! These mesh masks serve an important role in protecting mares from the painful bites… Read more »