The Importance of Barn Cats

Aside from greeting guests and serving as barn mascots, the cats of Stonestreet Farm have a very important job to do. The abundance of grain and warm hiding places make the barns a rather cozy spot for mice to settle. If left unchecked, they can consume or contaminate food intended for the horses and cause damage due to their chewing tendencies. This is where our hard-working barn cats come in.

Though friendly and welcoming towards humans, these felines are not your typical house cat. They offer a natural alternative to chemical extermination methods and keep our barns clean and mouse free. Cats have a strong hunter’s instinct that compels them to track down any pesky vermin they find on their turf. In some cases, the mere presence of a cat is enough to ward off any would-be rodent tenants.

Each barn comes equipped with its own cat, many of whom have faithfully served Stonestreet for several years. They are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and have their diets supplemented with cat food to keep them fit. Even with this additional feed, the cats’ motivation to hunt remains high, and they use the prey they catch as tasty snacks or gifts for lucky staff members.

When visiting Stonestreet Farm for our See Rachel Days or through Horse Country Tours, be sure to thank these felines for their service!