Foal Vaccinations

During the first 90 days of a foal’s life, the colostrum received when nursing provides protection. As we learned in a previous blog, antibodies are transferred from the dam via the colostrum and offer immunity from disease, but what happens when this protection begins to dissipate? Once he or she is 90 days of age, a… Read more »

Breezing Two-Year-Olds

The fastest workout a horse will accomplish prior to race day is a “breeze”, when a horse will travel approximately 1 furlong in 12 seconds. It is the final step for the two-year-olds at Stonestreet Training Center before they move to various trainers at the racetrack. As we learned in the blog “Race Track Training”,… Read more »

Checking a Mare for Pregnancy

Earlier in our series, we joined our Broodmare Farm Manager and Rood & Riddle’s Dr. Riddle to learn about palpating barren and maiden mares in preparation for breeding season. The process of determining the best time to breed a broodmare has been completed and now we have the anticipation of checking for pregnant broodmares! Broodmares,… Read more »

Barrier Trials

A “Barrier Trial” is a training race that is organized by the Principle Racing Authority in Australia. Barrier Trials are conducted several times a month at various tracks. On the day, there are multiple heats with broad conditions that are supervised by Stewards. Official entries are submitted and results are recorded, but the race has… Read more »

Spring Surveys

Broodmares have been keeping everyone at the farm very busy since January, but new foals are not the only concern at this time of year. Over at our yearling division in Versailles, the new yearlings are ready for Spring Surveys and to perform them, our Yearling Farm Manager calls on the experienced veterinarians of Rood… Read more »

Colostrum: Super Food

It is 9:40 PM, and Class On Class’ water breaks. Her new filly arrives at 10:00 PM, stands up at 10:38 PM, and nurses for the first time at 11:18 PM. After a normal delivery and an exciting, successful attempt to stand, the one hour and eighteen minute old filly receives the most important milk… Read more »

Leading a Foal

Excitement envelops the farm every time a new foal arrives. Immediately, thoughts of this new born flourishing into a future racehorse enter the mind with “Look at those legs!” and “What a pedigree!” While the future is still unknown, the multiple years of training that go into each horse begin on day one. We begin… Read more »

’10 Pleasant Dixie

In April of 2010, Pleasant Dixie presented her last foal, a handsome colt by Curlin. This promising young horse was foaled and raised on Stonestreet Farm in Kentucky and then began early training at the Stonestreet Training Center in late 2012. In 2013, the ‘10 Pleasant Dixie colt graduated from the training center and sights… Read more »

Prevent Winter Water Woes

Winter precedes one of the most exciting times on the farm. With the arrival of newborn foals coinciding with plummeting temperatures, planning must begin many months before. Every member of the Stonestreet team is prepared for the worst-case weather scenario, including the Facilities Manager who faces some unique challenges; freezing weather also means freezing water. Turn out… Read more »

Palpating Barren Mares & Maidens before Breeding Season

In last week’s blog, we discovered the practice of mare teasing. With the timing of each mare’s estrus cycle now determined using behavioral indicators, the Broodmare Farm Manager moves forward with internal examination via palpation and ultrasound. Palpation is a procedure performed by a veterinarian who reaches into the rectum with their arm to feel… Read more »