Stonestreet Stables 2015 Graded Stakes Income Donations

Beginning January 1st 2015 and continuing throughout the year, Stonestreet Stables will donate 10% of all Graded Stakes income earned. “Horse racing has given me so many thrilling moments and brought so much joy to my family” says Barbara Banke, “we thought it would be a good way to give back to the people who… Read more »

Mare Teasing

With breeding season fast approaching, the Broodmare Farm Manager takes us behind the scenes and into the barns as teasing begins. Teasing is an efficient process that can determine a mare’s estrus cycle and allow for the effective timing of stallion covers. The estrus cycle, a recurring period of sexual receptivity and fertility, occurs seasonally… Read more »

Dental Care

Dental health and care are as important for horses as for humans. However, unlike human teeth, horse teeth continue to grow and require unique care. While grazing naturally wears down teeth this may leave them uneven, potentially causing issues that can become severe without proper care from a veterinarian experienced in dental care. One of our veterinarians… Read more »

Straw Delivery

Horse farms use straw as bedding in stalls, making supply a necessity. Because stalls are mucked out daily and cleanliness is important to the well being of every horse, fresh straw is needed constantly. The straw truck arrives at Barn 2 for a shipment of six hundred bales of straw. We are stocking up for… Read more »

Anatomy of a Horse

We have really enjoyed sharing information about breeding, raising, training and racing thoroughbred horses through our How to Build a Racehorse blog series so far. As this series continues we will visit more complex subjects, but today we are covering the basic external anatomy of a horse. The horse in the diagram is standing in… Read more »

How to Muck Out a Stall

A clean stall is very important to the health and happiness of a horse. When a horse stays in a dirty stall, health issues are likely to arise like thrush, a bacterial infection in the hoof, lung infections from bacteria in the air and skin infections. Mucking out a stall daily prevents these issues and ensures… Read more »

AquaCiser Training

One of the most unique features of the Stonestreet Training Center is the AquaCiser; only two others exist in North America. The Australian built AquaCiser’s creation was born from having limited access to beaches or lakes to exercise horses. With its warm weather, it is perfectly suited for use in Ocala. The pool’s circumference is… Read more »


Debate, a dark bay gelding, was bred by Stonestreet and foaled in March of 2010. With a promising pedigree, by Unbridled’s Song and out of Smooth as Silk, he graduated from the Training Center, but ultimately remained unraced due to injury. Stonestreet Farm donated Debate to Alex Green in October of 2013. Alex, the head… Read more »

Racetrack Training

Conditioning a thoroughbred racehorse is a seven-day a week, three hundred and sixty five day a year job. There are many different ways to build and maintain fitness including going for a hack in the field, walking in the shedrow, or heading out to the track. If you have visited a training center or racetrack… Read more »

Hoof Maintenance: Picking out Hooves

The anatomy of a horse’s hoof can be broken down into three separate parts; the heel, quarter, and toe. The amount of blood flow and degree of sensitivity increases from the outside of the hoof inwards. The outermost exterior of the hoof is called the “wall”and can be compared to a human fingernail. It is… Read more »